energy saving secondary packaging machine , carton box packing machine

energy saving secondary packaging machine , carton box packing machine

Detailed Product Description

Cawer Supply: 2.5kw 380v 50hz
Operation Capacity: 10to12cartons/minute
Compressed Air: 0.5-0.7mpa,the Maximum Air Consumption:0.9m³/min
Machine Size: L2000mmxW1900mmxH1450mm
Machine Weight: 400kg Tage Size:48,60or72mm T
he Carton Temporary Storage Capacity: 100pcs(1000mm)

Energy Saving Secondary Packaging Machine , Carton Box Packing Machine

Product Description

Automatic Carton Erector (auto carton forming machine,auto case erector) can finish the work of carton opening, shaping,

folding and sticking adhesive tapes. It does not only saves time and force but also can correct the carton to the right-angle automatically.

It is adjusted with the size of the carton easily, and was widely used in the packaging field. It also can be operated easily as well as reduce the cost.

The case blanks stand vertically in the quick load magazine which has space for more than

100 blanks (may be different according to the thickness of the carton).

The blank is picked up from the magazine by a device with suction cups and erected

To the carton holder. The erected carton is fed by a mobile mechanical movement,

The tape glue is applied on the long flap during feeding.

Safety controls:

- When blanks are not fed in properly

- When drive motors are overload

- When safety guards are opened

- When air pressure in undersized


* Folded grasping movement, automatic correct right angle, open the carton without any mistakes

* Compact design, simple installment

* Carton Supply device: Suitable for different sizes, place the cartons in line and order

* bottom sealed with Tape, clean, correct, light touch.

* Supply chains are of SUS304, Oil-less, qualified GMP

* Safety shield is made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, and meets the state standard.

* Cap folding mechanism is made o f stainless steel with cylinder.

* Carton pressing mechanism is made of macromolecule engineering plastic and chrome plated spring and carbon

steel with coated surface.

* Cardboard is unfolded with the plate sucking device under the control cylinder.

* Bottom folding of the carton is finished with folding mechanism under the control cylinder.

Technical Parameter:

Operation capacity10to12cartons/minute
The carton temporary storage capacity100pcs(1000mm)
Cawer supply2.5kw 380v 50hz
Compressed air0.5-0.7mpa,the maximum air consumption:0.9m³/min
Machine sizeL2000mmxW1900mmxH1450mm
Machine weight400kg tage size:48,60or72mm