intelligent box taping machine carton sealer packaging industry

Intelligent Box Taping Machine Carton Sealer Packaging Industry

Detailed Product Description

The Scope Of Work: W800mmxH600mm
The Payload: (Maximum )50kg
Pick-up And Placement(15kg): 20 Times Per Minute
Weight Positioning Accuracy: ±2mm
The Weight Of The: 300kg
Kinematic Structure: Rectangular Coordinates

Intelligent Box Taping Machine Carton Sealer Packaging Industry

Major characteristics:

This is an intelligent fully automatic carton packing machine, controlled by PLC and friendly Human machine interface. With functions such as: Machine automatic stop if lack of bottles, no bottle no packing. Greatly reduce the labor force; it is a nice equipment to be working on the automatic line.

Working process:

The bottles body are tightly clamped by the manipulator (rubber inside for protecting bottles), then exactly place into the opening carton, the cartons go outlet and are transported to the carton sealing machine while the manipulators go up.

(1) Products are well arranged according to the individual carton packing requirement.

(2) Widely application, suits for various products packed into carton.

(3) For bottles, cases, bags , pails, etc.

Technical parameter:

The scope of workW800mmxH600mm
The payload(Maximum )50kg
Pick-up and placement(15kg)20 times per minute
Weight positioning accuracy±2mm
Kinematic structureRectangular coordinates
The weight of the300kg