0.5Mps – 0.7Mps secondary packaging machine for carton sealer

0.5Mps - 0.7Mps Secondary Packaging Machine For Carton Sealer

Detailed Product Description

Model: ZT-JBF
Sealing Speed: 70-130packs/minute
Compressed Air: 0.5-0.7Mps
Carton Size: L200-500mm X W200-500mm X H150-450mm
Machine Size: 2500mmx2000mmx1750mm

0.5Mps - 0.7Mps Secondary Packaging Machine For Carton Sealer

Machine Description:

ZTF-400L Carton Sealing Machine is a flap folding carton sealer is easy to operate and maintain. Equipped with top bottom-side driving system, it can seal the carton top cover and carton bottom cover at one time, and sealing speed can reaches up to 25 cartons per minute.

Machine Features:

1: This machine is designed for simple, economical and durable, safe, low failure rate based.

2: According to carton width and height manually adjust the machine, for the same period of

time only seal same size carton.

3: Carton into the 90degree forward body, push the box from the corner into the side sealing machine,

automatic carton sealing both the upper and lower side corners, smooth

4: Sealing beautiful, fast, labor-saving, high efficiency

5: Equipped with blade guards to prevent accidental stabbed during the operation

Technical Specification

Carton sizeL200-500mm x W200-500mm x H150-450mm
Sealing speed70-130packs/minute
Compressed air0.5-0.7Mps
Machine size2500mmx2000mmx1750mm