1kg-2kg flour paper bag packing machine 6-22bags/min 7kw power with heat shrinking

1KG-2KG Flour Paper Bag Packing Machine 6-22bags/min 7kw Power With Heat Shrinking


This packaging line consists of one set of auger filling machine, one set of main flour paper

bag packaging machine, one set of controlling case, one set of stacking system and one set

of heat shrink packaging machine.

Functions: Flour measuring---bag opening&filling---bag clamping---cutting---bag top side folding

---gluing---output---arraying---heat shrinking---output


Fill Range1-2kg/bag
Packing Speed6-22bags/min
Power Consumption7kw
Negative Pressure-0.8kpa
Compressed Air≥0.6MPa
Fillingwidth:80-110mm; high:250-350mm
Bag Size70-80mm(W); 80-110mm(H); 250-350mm(L)
Overall Size5500*4200*2750mm
Machine Weight5500KG

Detailed Product Description

MODEL: ZT8-2000
Fill Range: 1-2kg/bag
Packing Speed: 6-22bags/min
Accuracy: ±1%
Bag Size: 70-80mm(W); 80-110mm(H); 250-350mm(L)
Compressed Air: ≥0.6MPa