industrial open mouth bagging machine high efficiency bag feeder

industrial open mouth bagging machine high efficiency bag feeder

Detailed Product Description

Packaging Speed: 3-8 Bags/min (slight Variation Depending On The Packaging Material, Bag Size Etc.)
Packaging Material: Prefabricated Woven Bag (lined With PP/PE Film)
Ambient Temperature: -10°C~+45°C
Power: 380V 50HZ 3Kw
Size Of Bag Making: (900-1100mm)x(440-550mm) LXW Air Consumption: 0.5~0.7MPa

Industrial Open Mouth Bagging Machine High Efficiency Bag Feeder


ZTCF-25L Automatic powder bag feeding packaging machine unit is specially suitable for powdery material, the packaging material is paper bag, PE bag, woven bag, the packing range is 10-25kg, the maximum speed can reach 3-8bags/min. High efficiency, advanced design suitable for various requirements.


1. 10-25kg packaging, with a capacity of 1000 bags/h(according to different bag, raw material)

2. It’s suitable for paper bag, PE bag, woven bag. Paper bag & woven bag can adopts sewing sealing (DS-8C). PE bag adopts hot sealing (HS-22D).(Final decision according to customer’s requirements.)

3. Empty bag putting process detected by detector’s dual-confirmation. Filling process stopping automatically when leakage appears or no bag putting on.

4. Automatic bag feeder consists of horizontal 3 units, each unit can store 100 bags(PE bag), suitable for high speed production.

5. Full automatic running.

6. Additional middle damper in auger hopper (optional), air chute (optional), to prevent product splash, promote the dedusting result.

7. Vibration gas exhaustion device for non pinhole bag is optional, to eliminate the rest air in the product.

Safety & Control Device:

1. Bag shortage detector—such as 2 units without bag, then indicator light & buzzer warning--it’s time to supply bags. When 3 units none bag—machine stop automatically.

2. Fault: bag mouth opening detector—bag has been chucked auger head incorrectly, offload the bag, stop the dosing machine by signal. After this problem has been solved, restart the filling process.

3. Stitching broken detector—when sewing machine stitching broken, indicator light on, buzzer sounds, whole machine stopped automatically.

4. String shortage detector—indicator lights on while sewing string shortage. Buzzer sounds—it’s time to supply sewing string.

5. Bag hot seal machine without automatic temperature controller or heating stripe broken detector.

Technical parameters

Packaging materialprefabricated woven bag (lined with PP/PE film)
Size of bag making(900-1100mm)x(440-550mm) LXW
Packaging speed3-8 bags/min (slight variation depending on the packaging material, bag size etc.)
Ambient temperature-10°C~+45°C
Power380V 50HZ 3Kw
Air Consumption0.5~0.7MPa
External dimensions5860x2500x4140mm (L x W x H)