220V 50HZ 3Kw open mouth bagging machine , powder bag filling machine

220V 50HZ 3Kw open mouth bagging machine , powder bag filling machine

Detailed Product Description

Air Consumption: 0.5~0.7MPa
Packaging Material: Prefabricated Woven Bag (lined With PP/PE Film)
Size Of Bag Making: (630-1100mm)x(350-650mm) LXW
Measuring Range: 10-50KG
Ambient Temperature: -10°C~+45°C
Power: 220V 50HZ 3Kw

220V 50HZ 3Kw Open Mouth Bagging Machine , Powder Bag Filling Machine


ZTCK-G Automatic powder bag feeding packaging machine unit is specially suitable for powdery material, the packaging material is paper bag, PE bag, woven bag, the packing range is 10-25kg, the maximum speed can reach 3-8bags/min. High efficiency, advanced design suitable for various requirements.

Configuration explanation

1 The machine is easy operated and stable because of adopting Siemens PLC and 10 inch color touch screen in control part.

2 Pneumatic part adopts Festo solenoid, oil- water separator, and cylinder.

3 Vacuum system adopts Festo solenoid, filter, and digital vacuum pressure switch.

4 The magnetic switch and photoelectrical switch are provided in every movement mechanism, which is safe and reliable.

Mechanism component

1 Automatic picking-up bag system: Automatically pick up the prepared bag.

2 Opening bag, clamping, holding bag mechanism: Automatically open, hold and fix bag.

3 Hugging bag and conveying mechanism: Hugging bag and conveying bag.

4 Sewing bag: Automatic conveying bag and automatic sewing (sewing bag)

5 Electrical control part: Completely control the whole packaging unit.

6 Automatic weighing machine: ZTCK-G screw weighing machine

7 Conveyor: Convey material automatically

Technical parameters:

Packaging materialprefabricated woven bag (lined with PP/PE film)
Size of bag making(630-1100mm)x(350-650mm) LXW
Measuring range10-50KG
Measurement accuracy±50G
Packaging speed3-8 bags/min (slight variation depending on the packaging material, bag size etc.)
Ambient temperature-10°C~+45°C
Power220V 50HZ 3Kw
Air Consumption0.5~0.7MPa
External dimensions5860x2500x4140mm (L x W x H)