granule open mouth automatic sand bagging machine bag filling scales

granule open mouth automatic sand bagging machine bag filling scales

Detailed Product Description

Size Of Bag Making: (700-1100mm)x(480-650mm) (L*W)
Measuring Range: Granule Material 25-50kg/bag
Measurement Accuracy: ±50g
Packaging Speed: 10-15 Packs/min (difference According To The Packing Materials, Bag Size Etc)
Ambient Temperature: 10°C~+45°C
Power Supply: 6.5 Kw, 380V±10%, 50Hz

Granule Open Mouth Automatic Sand Bagging Machine Bag Filling Scales

Device Profile:

Automatic Granule Open Mouth Bagging & Bag Filling Scales is developed for granule material packing in allusion to chemical, feed, grain and seeds field etc.


Flour, Grain, Rice, Spices, Other Foods, Cattle Feed, Bird Seed, Feed Ingredients, Fish Feed, Sweet Feed, Other Feed, Limestone, Litter, Ice-Melting Salt, Other Minerals, Alfalfa, Corn Seed, Grass Seed, Sorghum Seed, Soybean Seed, Sunflower Seed, Other Seed and Crops, Fertilizers, Plastic Pellets, Other Chemicals

Functional Features:

1. Provided with the functions of automatic bag-fetching, automatic filling, automatic bag-conveying and sealing.

2. Linked with all kinds of powder materials production equipment to work to achieve unattended production of large-sized packaging operations.

3. LCD touch screen control, human-computer interface more favorable.

4. Automatic fault diagnosis, safety shutdown protection, quick adjustment and easy maintenance.

Packing materials:

1. Woven Bags (lined with PP/PE film)

2. Kraft paper bags

3. Plastic composite film (thickness greater than0.18mm)

Main Technical Parameters:

Size of bag making(700-1100mm)x(480-650mm) (L*W)
Measuring rangegranule material 25-50kg/bag
Measurement accuracy±50g
Packaging speed10-15 packs/min (difference according to the packing materials, bag size etc)
Ambient temperature-10°C~+45°C
Power supply6.5 Kw, 380V±10%, 50Hz
Air Consumptioncompressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
External dimensions5700 x 2800 x 2100mm (L* W * H)


1. Woven bag: lura folding/seaming

2. Kraft paper bags: sealing/seaming

3. Plastic composite film bag: sealing