3 KW 380 V flour bagging machine bulk bag fillers energy saving

3 KW 380 V Flour Bagging Machine Bulk Bag Fillers Energy Saving

Detailed Product Description

Weighing Range: 5 To 50kg (10lb To 110lb)
Output: 3 To 16 Bags Per Min (Depending On The Product And Format.)
Ambient Temp.: -10°C To + 45°C
Electrical: 380V/50Hz, 3phase Or Customized Per Specification
Power: 3KW
Air Pressure & Consumption: 0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3/min
Air Pressure & Consumption: 0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3/min

3 KW 380 V Flour Bagging Machine Bulk Bag Fillers Energy Saving


Flour, Grain, Rice, Spices, Other Foods, Cattle Feed, Bird Seed, Feed Ingredients, Fish Feed, Sweet Feed, Other Feed, Limestone, Litter, Ice-Melting Salt, Other Minerals, Alfalfa, Corn Seed, Grass Seed, Sorghum Seed, Soybean Seed, Sunflower Seed, Other Seed and Crops, Fertilizers, Plastic Pellets, Other Chemicals


● Individual bag pick-up and opening

● Empty bag (with or without gusset) transfer to filling mouth

● Bag hermetic fastening on filling mouth

● Bag filling (product discharge from scale or dozer) and vibrating

● Closing system: Thermo-sealing and/or multiple sewing, fold and glued etc.

Bag Types:

Pre-made open mouth bag with gussets, standard pillow bag or block/cross bottom bag, with or without handle.

Bag Materials:

Laminated polywoven, paper bags, PP, PE etc.

Technical Data

Weighing range5 to 50kg (10lb to 110lb)
Bag sizeL630-830mm x W 350-450mm; L800-1000 x W450-550mm; L 900-1100mm x W 550-650mm (By option)
Output3 to 16 bags per min (Depending on the product and format.)
Ambient temp.-10°C to + 45°C
Electrical380V/50Hz, 3phase or customized per specification
Air Pressure & Consumption0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3/min