high efficiency secondary packaging machine,automatic carton sealing machine

High Efficiency Secondary Packaging Machine ,Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

Detailed Product Description

Model: ZT-FXJ
Tape Width: 48mm, 60mm ,72mm
Compressed Air: 0.5-0.7Mps
Carton Size: L150-400mm X W150-400mm X H240-600mm
Sealing Speed: 10-20 Cartons/minute
Machine Dimensions: 1020mmx880mm1500mm

High Efficiency Secondary Packaging Machine / Automatic Carton Sealing Machine


fully automatic carton sealing machine is able to adjust itself to various carton sizes. This machine offers the possibility to centralise the sealing of random sized cartons from several packaging lines without an operator being required. The machine automatically separates, feeds, folds the top flaps and seals the carton.


1. This machine is a auto carton sealer which the operation line looks like"one" type.

2. According to carton size, width and height manually adjustable.

3. Automatic folding carton cover,up and down automatically labeled tape, fast, smooth, beautiful.

4. Equipped with blade guards to prevent accidental operation stabbed.

5. Simple operation,can also be used with automated packaging lines.

6. To ensure the attaching is better than manual work, faster and higher efficiency.

Technical Specification

Carton sizeL150-400mm x W150-400mm x H240-600mm
Sealing speed10-20 cartons/minute
Tape width48mm, 60mm ,72mm
Compressed air0.5-0.7Mps
Machine dimensions1020mmx880mm1500mm