automatic food packing machine snacks packaging machine for pillow bag gusset bag

automatic food packing machine snacks packaging machine for pillow bag gusset bag

Detailed Product Description

Measuring Capacity: 100-1000g (accuracy To Product's Density)
Packing Speed: 30-60bags Per Min
Bag Type: Pillow Bag/gusset Bag/hole-punching Bag
Bag Length: 50-340mm
Bag Width: 80-260mm
Film Width: 180-540mm

Automatic Food Packing Machine Snacks Packaging Machine For Pillow Bag Gusset Bag

The machine unit consists of Multi-heads Weigher and vertical packing machine.


Suitable for metering of all kinds of granule, flake, strip, round and irregular products such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, apple chips, banana chips, potato chips, biscuit, candy, fruit, vegetable salad, noodles, quick-frozen food, puffed food, pet food, seed, hardware and plastic granule.

Suitable for bag type such as Back sealing pillow bag, gusset bag, 4 sides sealing bag, 3 sides sealing bag

This machine consists of one vertical packing machine, one 10 or 14head multihead weigher, one Ztype buckets elevator, one working platform, one conveyor and one air compressor. It has a high measuring accuracy and high packaging rate, can be adaptable to packaging of material of different shape and specific gravity and can also be adaptable to packaging of viscous material, for example, puffed food, snack food, oily mixed food etc., it is widely used in food service industry.

Machine function:

Material lifting---measuring-bag-making-filling_sealing_cutting_counting—printing
1. Control by PLC
2. Operation: Touch screen
3. Film-pulling by servo motor
4. With printer that can print date of manufacture and batch on bags
5. According to customers' requirements, we can add special device on the machine

Technical Parameters

Measuring capacity100-1000g (accuracy to product's density)
Packing speed30-60bags per min
Bag typePillow bag/gusset bag/hole-punching bag
Bag length50-340mm
Bag width80-260mm
Film width180-540mm
Measuring accuracy0.5g-1.5g
Compressed air requirement0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min
Film roll max outer diameter400mm
Film core inner diameter75mm
Machine weight1000kg
Voltage380V 50HZ