vacuum automatic pouch packing machine form fill seal with linear scales

Vacuum Automatic Pouch Packing Machine Form Fill Seal with Linear Scales

Detailed Product Description

Bag Type: Pillow Type Bag; Gusseted Bag (Option);punching Bag
Speed: 30 To 80 Bags/min
Bag Length: 50 To 280mm (1.9to 11in)
Bag Width: 70 To 180mm (2.7 To 7in)
Film Thickness: 0.04-0.12mm (40-120mic.)
Reel Inner Dia.: 75mm (2.9in)

Vacuum Automatic Pouch Packing Machine Form Fill Seal with Linear Scales

The machine unit consists of Electronic weigher and vertical packing machine.

For rice, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, detergent powder, desiccant, pet foods, gravels etc fine granules or coarse powder products.

I Automatic vacuum pouch packaging machine for food products, such as rice, dates, nuts, coffee beans and fruits etc.


Vacuum packaging prolongs the products fresh time

Save the space of storage and the costs of transportation

Weight range from 100grams to 5kgs

It completes products feeding, counting, filling, vacuum pumping, bag sealing, shaping ,printing, punching and outputting working stations together.

Principal Features:

Omron/Siemens PLC & Colorful Touch Screen HMI

Unique vacuum pumping system

Daul Servo-driven for film transportation

Film auto tracking,Length registered by photo sensor or Encoder

Film-pulling remote diagnostics and data acquisitions

Heavy-duty jaw assembly houses a cushion for shock and noise abatement

Safety guard with proximity switch

With date coder

Technical Specification

Bag typePillow type bag; Gusseted bag (Option);punching bag
Speed10 to 80 bags/min
Bag Length50 to 280mm (1.9to 11in)
Bag Width70 to 180mm (2.7 to 7in)
Reel Film Width≤730mm (28.7in)
Film thickness0.04-0.12mm (40-120mic.)
Reel Outer Dia.400mm (15.6in)
Reel Inner Dia.75mm (2.9in)
VoltageAC380V/50-60Hz, 1phase or Per customer specification
Power Consumption3KW
Compressed Air Requirement0.6 MPa0.36 M3min
Machine SizeL1470 x W988 x H1400mm; (in): L57.3 x W38.5 x H54.6
Machine Weight800kg
Weighing accuracy+-0.2% dependent on products characteristics