candy bag packing machine grain vertical form fill seal packaging machine

candy bag packing machine grain vertical form fill seal packaging machine

Detailed Product Description

Max Weight: 1000 Grams (Per Single Dump).
Measuring Method: Load Cell Based Combination Weighing
Weighing Accuracy:±0.5 5 Gram. (Depending On The Grain Size Of Various Variety Of Products)
Packaging Speed: 5-60bag/min
Bag Making Size: (L)50-300mm (W)60-200mm
Filling Range: 150-1300ml

Candy Bag Packing Machine Grain Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

The machine unit consists of Multi-heads Weigher and vertical packing machine.


Suitable for metering of all kinds of granule, flake, strip, round and irregular products such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, apple chips, banana chips, potato chips, biscuit, candy, fruit, vegetable salad, noodles, quick-frozen food, puffed food, pet food, seed, hardware and plastic granule.

Suitable for bag type such as Back sealing pillow bag, gusset bag, 4 sides sealing bag, 3 sides sealing bag

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines ( VFFS ) serve to pack products in plastic bags made of PE or PP laminated film. We offer a wide range of Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers, depending on speed, bag size and bag type required. The packaging process is fully automated and consists of forming a plastic bag from film which is sealed and closed after dropped of a product. We can offer a considerable variety of bags, for instance: flat bags, bricks, side gusset bags, doypack, zipper, stabilo, euro slot bags, handles, clip, reopen brick bag with sticker/clip etc…

1. Application: Granules, Seeds, Pulses, Gram Pieces, Potatos, and Sugar Etc.
2. Quantity: up to 100 - 1000 Gram
Bagger Specifications & Technical Data

Automatic length control through Electronic Photocell Panel through Eye mark Sensor

Sealing: Center Seal.

Servo Pull system (Servo Panasonic Make)

All around Stainless steel covering.

Complete Touch Screen Display in Bagger Monitor.

Digital PID Type temperature controller for accurate control of sealer temperature

P.L.C. Controlled system. (PLC Delta make)

Touch Screen display for setting of parameters of the machine

Pneumatic Technology used (Pneumatic Cylinder make Jenetics)

Power - 3.5 Kw 220 V, 50 Hz.

Compact and robust machine.

Heavy Duty Belt pulling system for pouch.

Very simple operation and low maintenance.

Speed 50 Packs Per Minute. (Dry Run).

Multi Head Weigher Specification

Max Weight: 1000 Grams (Per Single Dump).

Measuring Method: Load Cell Based combination weighing

Weighing Accuracy: ±0.5 5 Gram. (Depending on the grain size of various Variety of Products)

Digitals Sensors enhance the speed, accuracy & anti jamming capability.

Perfect combination of high speed & high accuracy.

The opening and closing speed of Weigher happens can be adjust to be avoiding material Falling into pieces or being blocked.

Timing Hooper.

Stainless steel with IP65 water proof, Dust proof and erosion proof design keeps the Accessories hygienic. Step Motor drive with speed control.

The function of data statistics an make records such as pack no pass rate average error of each pack etc.

Each linear feeder amplitude can be auto / manual adjustable will ensure the products Easy flowing with high accuracy.

Liquid crystal and touch screen with optional language makes it easy to operate.

Speed: Up to 30 40 Packs Per Minutes. (Depending on the grain size of various Variety of Products)


Packaging speed: 5-60bag/min
Bag making size: (L)50-300mm (W)60-200mm
Bag making type: pillow bag, vertical bag and make hole equipment (need to add extra money)
Filling range: 150-1300ml
Max packaging film width: 440mm
Film thickness: 0.04-0.08mm
Air consumption: 200L/min
Total power/ voltage: 2.2KW/220V, 50-60HZ
Outside size: 1400X970X1600mm
Gross weight: 400kg